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Wishing Wells and Cockle Shells

un salon des artistes

broken baby dolls
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welcome to raggedycandy - we are a group of artists, gloomlettes, aesthetics and paranoir extraordinaires...gathered here for the purpose of touting our darker visions.

here you will find a forum for photography and other media, fashion, arts, gambling tips, new aural pleasures and whatever else our members may see fit to provide.

are there rules? well...if you break them, i will let you know.

please - come in, have a seat, help yourself to tea and toast. don't mind the dust - we like to let it collect.

questions - ideas?
feel free to contact head curator, sinsofthedove.
(lovely assitants: fishberryjam & enigmatsm)

when you join, please post an introduction - just to say hi, and to see if anyone shares your particular quirks!